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All About Thermomix TM31


the world's smallest kitchen!

One for Everything – Everything in one!

A new dimension in the Kitchen. Thermomix has been in the market since the 1960s, up to now there has been a total of 5 genrations produced. Thermomix was developed by over 120 engineers and technical experts. Over 25,000 recipes were tested. The unrivalled, technologically innovative, twenty three world patented kitchen helper unites the functions over 10 appliances in one compact unit.

With Thermomix revolutionary functions, you may prepare your meals, soups, drinks, deserts… in a quick, easy and healthy manner. All can be done very well just in one machine with an unbelievable fast speed! Just the answer for a modern kitchen.

Thermomix can weigh, cut, chop, mix, mince, pulverize, grate, grind, mill, beat, blend, whip, whisk, knead, emulsify. It can also cook, steam, simmer, fry and wash itself nearly automatically. No wonder it has earned the title: ‘ The World’s SMALLEST and SMARTEST Kitchen.

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